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Playful Gaming Headquarters Downtown McKinney

New Playful Gaming Studio Located in Historic Downtown McKinney

Playful Corp, founded in 2012, is a privately held game development studio in McKinney, TX. They specialize in computer and mobile games but will be releasing a game for X-Box this fall. This team has shipped games such as Words with Friends, the Age of Empires series, Halo Wars, Orcs Must Die!, and Hero Academy. Playful has also developed Creativerse launched May 8th, 2017, and Super Lucky’s Tale projected to launch November 2017.

After scoring an economic incentive deal from McKinney, the company plans to build a new headquarters in Historic Downtown. The headquarters will be a 53,000-square-foot office building on the corner of Davis Street and McDonald Street. The new headquarters will be adjacent to former Dallas Cowboy offensive lineman Robert Shaw’s mix-use development. Robert’s mix-use development will be taking the place of former Collin County Courthouse.


With partnerships like Microsoft, GameStop, and Sony Playful brings a young and energetic feel to Historic Downtown McKinney as well as high-quality jobs. Having an entertainment company such as Playful in Downtown McKinney diversifies the business landscape and adds to the authenticity of McKinney!

outside book gallery

The Book Gallery – Vintage Bookstore

Old Fashioned Book Gallery in Downtown McKinney
The Book Gallery is celebrating its 19th year of business, located in Historical Downtown McKinney. The Book Gallery specializes in rare and antiquarian books. Walking in the front doors, you feel as if you have time traveled into the 1900’s.
Inside The Book Gallery
An old-fashioned radio plays from behind the checkout desk, where Jim Parker sits and reads his personal favorites. This bookstore brings back forgotten memories like a long lost picture suddenly appearing so vividly as you hold the once forgotten memory in the palm of your hands. Jim has been collecting book for over 40 years now! After retiring from the corporate world he decided to make it a full-time career!
This business decision also got him a few brownie points with his wife Dee, as he cleared out some room in the house. The once book-filled rooms have been emptied of their literature and have now been overrun by humans! As for Jim, He continues to spend his days helping customers find the long lost character they long to rediscover in that childhood book.

Chapel Hill Model Luxury Patio Home

Chapel Hill – Luxury Patio Homes in Secluded Location!

Last Chance to buy a New Home Within Walking Distance of McKinney’s Downtown Square and City Park.  Only a Few Inventory Homes Left.  Move Fast and Call Today. (214) 901-5020 –
DT McKinney Square

Chapel Hill has a beautiful selection of luxury patio homes centered in Collin County. Woods, parks, and trails pleasantly surround this private community.

Chapel Hill is also just minutes from shopping, dining, and entertainment, a true hidden gem in the DFW area.

It’s no coincidence that Collin County is constantly growing. With an increase of 100 residents a day Collin County’s population is expected to hit 3 million by the year 2040! The community is located in McKinney, a city of 122,000 residents and the seat of Collin County. McKinney is a city large enough to offer residents access to major medical, educational, and cultural services. As well as small enough to feature a historic downtown, secluded parks, and local businesses.

Luxury Patio Homes Kitchen

The public schools in this area also make a statement for Collin County, ranking second in the nation according to Forbes. Because education is one of a homebuyer’s highest priorities, it’s also one of the most important considerations when deciding where to create a new community.

Luxury Patio Homes Living Room

This isolated neighborhood allows busy adults to enjoy manicured open spaces without having to maintain it themselves. Chapel Hill is designed to give residents a private living experience while being conveniently located next to life’s necessities.

Luxury Patio Homes Bathroom

Jalin CrownRing

Jalin Jewelers – A Collin County Jewel

Jalin Jewelers offers full-service jewelry sales, repair, engravings, resizing, and custom design pieces!

You will not find this level of service anywhere else but Jalin. Opening its doors in 1991, original owner and operator James Romberger made a promise. Treat every customer the way he would want to be treated while going above expectations with quality products. To this day Jalin grasps on to this mission for the sake of tradition and the role it plays in their customer’s lives.

Jalin Watch & Bracelet

Tradition is a very important part of the jewelry industry as it represents places we have been or situations we have encountered just as jewelry does. In 2003 Jalin Jewelers was relocated from its original position on the corner of Park and Preston to Lakeside Market where it currently resides. After 23 years of business, Jim decided to retire in 2014 passing the business along to his son Todd Romberger. Todd is just as passionate about the family business as his father! Todd follows in his father’s footsteps ensuring quality products and exceptional customer service every time.

Jalin Jewelers Dimond

Since Todd has taken over the family business, Jalin has received the Readers Choice Winner For The Best Jeweler Store In Plano in 2015 and 2016. Jalin also recently celebrated its 25 anniversary in April of 2016! Through all of the recent success Jalin has experienced Todd and his team continue to serve the people of Plano. Jalin Jewelers will always be evolving but the vision will continue to stay the same. “Offering the personalized attention our customers deserve and have come to trust they will receive when shopping with us. It is our privilege to be highly trusted by our customers.” –Jalin Jewelers Team

2016 Jalin RCA2015 RCA

Cheezies Artisan Grilled Cheese

Cheezies – An Artisan Made Grilled Cheese

Family Owned & Operated Gourmet Grilled Cheese

Robert Sansone has been serving up some of the tastiest grilled cheese creations Collin County has to offer. After concluding the corporate world wasn’t for him, Robert decided to invest in himself and his community by starting Cheezies. Robert grew up in Memphis surrounded by great food and diverse culture. Being of German and Sicilian decent Robert remembers the holidays being a feast of food from different parts of the world. These are the memories Robert accredits with influencing him to take on the culinary lifestyle. During an interview with Robert, he stated, “Ever since I was a child I have known I wanted to be in the culinary industry”. After graduating High School Robert moved to Dallas and started his cooking journey in 1982!

Cheezies Artisan Grilled Cheese

Cheezies has been in business for 3 years. During its time of operation, Robert has ensured the utmost quality for his products. Cheezies only uses locally sold ingredients and artisan baked bread. Robert does this in an effort to support local businesses and ensure quality. Furthermore, Robert personally smokes all of his meat in-house (Brisket, Chicken, Pork Shoulder). Each ingredient in the gourmet grilled cheeses is made from scratch. According to Robert, the quality of his product is the driving factor that keeps him in business. Also, his family’s hard work and dedication to the business. Amy, Roberts wife is in charge of the business side of the restaurant. And Roberts two sons assist in the back of the house when not attending school.

Cheezies Artisan Salad

This is truly a family owned and operated establishment, a mom and pop shop with a Cheezie twist! Don’t hesitate, stop by Cheezies in Frisco and dine on a delicious gourmet grilled cheese.

Cheezies Artisan Salad




Holman Pottery Gallery – Functional Unique & Handmade

-Holman Pottery History

The Holman Pottery Gallery is an 1890 Queen Anne style Victorian cottage on a half acre in the Haggard Park Historic District near Historic Downtown Plano. The pottery found here is functional, unique, and made from white stoneware. Holman’s pottery is nonhazardous and can be used in the microwave, dishwasher, and oven. You will discover a wide-ranging gallery inside the home, with a variety of pottery, glass, iron, sculpture, jewelry, etc. from Holman as well as artists from all across the country. Each of these items is handmade and one of a kind.

Holman Pottery Vase

Artist/Potter Tony Holman, his wife Debbie, and their daughter Maggie, own and operate Holman Pottery. The family-owned studio and gallery opened in 1989. In July 1998, the Holman’s purchased the 1890 Victorian home to house their studio and gallery in which they currently operate today.

Clay Pitcher

-The creation process

Tony throws most of the pots on a potter’s wheel. Others are slab constructed and altered. When the pots become leather-hard (halfway between wet and dry) handles are added and each piece is signed. Upon becoming completely dry, the pottery is loaded into a gas kiln. These pots are then fired to a temperature of 1830 degrees Fahrenheit. Upon unloading the kiln, they are glazed and some are decorated with colored clays (slips) and oxides. They are then fired a second time to a temperature of 2336 degrees Fahrenheit. These extreme temperatures ensure the durability of the pottery.

Clay Pitcher

The shapes of Tony’s vessels are functional but can simply be decorative. He covers a wide range of colors and pattern through brushwork and sponged on design. Close attention is paid to the finishing touches of this pottery including the way the handles are attached and Tony’s unique way of completing the lids and rims. Because Holman Pottery is handcrafted, no two are exactly alike. Therefore, the variations of color, texture, and shape lend to the artistic nature of this pottery and should by no means be considered defective. Holman Pottery is sold and collected both nationally and internationally in specialty gift stores, museum stores, and galleries.

Pottery cup

Alligator Blue Belt

Little Belt Shop – Custom Handmade Texas Belts

Meet the team at Little Belt Shop that is taking care of belt and jewelry needs at Stonebriar Mall!

The Little Belt Shop started online in 2014 and officially opened in Frisco the summer of 2015. After opening a location in Frisco they decided to move to Plano in 2016. The location in Willow Bend Mall is the only Brick and Mortar store at this time.

Teju Lizard Belt

Teju Lizard Belt

-Whats In store

The Little Belt Shop does custom leather and silver work, offering 14 different types of leather. Of these different leather types, they customize the finish and specialty cuts like the thinner styles used for Hermes or Ferragamo buckles. Elbie the owner’s favorite leather is the elephant, “I was born and raised in South Africa and love that legal trade makes life difficult for poachers, if they don’t have a market they don’t leave those beautiful animals wounded and unable to defend themselves.” – Elbi Pretorius

Python Belt

Python Belt

Elbi personally loves working with gemstones, “Each is different, the color matrix can add so much character.” She works with a few mines who personally notify her when they come across large deposits of Druze Quarts with color variations, which is one of her favorites to work with.

Stingray Belt

Stingray Belt

The Little Belt Shop has the finest quality leather and exotic belts, custom cuts, color and sizing available in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Area. Their personal selection of Texas made custom leather belts are fitting for any occasion. Pick from any of the exotic leathers available:

Shark Belt

Shark Belt

Italian Calf, Python, Anaconda, Argentinian Teju Lizard, Caiman Crocodile, South African Ostrich, Bison, Suede, or American Alligator.

Little Belt Shop

Alligator Belt

Pair that with one a designer belt buckle and make an unforgettable impression. The quality of the leather is superior, and they guarantee each of their products with confidence. Their leather crafter has been in the trade for 40 years, each of the belts has a 10-15 year life if cared for.

The Rustic Birdhouse – Custom Made & Designed

Welcome Nature Into Your Backyard With A Hand Crafted Birdhouse!

Owner and Operator Richard Wiski recently launched his Birdhouse business on “Etsy is a global creative commerce platform. We build markets, services and economic opportunity for creative entrepreneurs.” This online sales platform features a collaboration of over 1.8 million sellers and 27.9 million buyers! This site encourages innovators with unique products to sell their product from home using this e-commerce site!


As you can see in the picture above, Richard has 19 designs available for sale. Richard crafts every Birdhouse with weather-resistant cedar and a clear coat to protect them through each season.

Birdhouse Compilation


Blue Birdhouse Open Blue Birdhouse

Each of the Birdhouses have a side that opens for maintenance purposes. Easy access is very important! The main reason birds don’t return to a birdhouse is because they have access to another house free of nesting material. It takes less time to build a nest if the house is already clean.

Raise Roof Yellow Yellow Birdhouse

The above images above display Richard’s Birdfeeder! This feeder has a raisable roof in order to stock the house with bird seed!

Feedback From Past Customers:

“I love my bird houses. They look great behind my pool.”

“We love our bird house.. Perfect for our yard. Very well built!!”

“Received my birdhouse from The Rustic Birdhouse today and I LOVE it! They even added “how to instructions sheet”. I can tell the craftsmanship, attention to detail in this yellow rustic whimsical birdhouse, I definitely will be ordering again!”

A Word From The Artist

I am a Graphic Designer by trade, always looking at things and try to find ways to make them look better. I also have always loved figuring out how things worked. Building birdhouses and bird feeders for me is a combination of all the things I love to do – designing, building and making them work right.

Cutlery Collection Entry

Cutlery Collection – Full Service Knife Shop

For All Your Knife Needs Since 1979!

Cutlery Collection has been supplying the Dallas-Ft Worth area with a large selection of knives and cutlery accessories since 1979. Collection is known for quality knives, cutlery, scissors, and old fashioned service. This full service knife shop offers a great deal of experience in professional knife, scissor, and razor sharpening.

Cutlery Collection

Sharpening is an art, and the staff at Cutlery Collection are sharpening artisans. Old fashioned techniques insure sharpening of your fine cutlery that meets or exceeds manufacturer’s specifications. Their experience and knowledge is a irreplaceable resource available to collectors all over the County! With over 30 years experience, and guidance from factories in Germany and Japan, old school methods guarantee quality workmanship.

Cutlery Collection Knife Gathering

As of now Cutlery Collection will be adding new items to the photo gallery seen on their Facebook Page as they arrive. Prices include shipping and insurance in ConUS. Contact them for additional photographs and information at (469) 366-4496

Sharpening Prices:

Kitchen Knives – .40 per inch of blade

Daiyamonda Shiage – $0.90 per inch (For Japanese knives)

Pocket knives – $5.00

Scissors – $4.00

Hair shear -$5.00 & up

Fixed blade – $5.00 & up

On Tap Oil

Oil & Vinegar – Private Label Products

On Tap Oil & Vinegar Imported From Europe!

Oil & Vinegar is a specialty retailer focusing on private label products with the highest quality. Furthermore the products are made with quality ingredients and hand picked by its purchasing team in Europe. This unique business plan makes it easy to establish long-lasting relationships with each vendor. The focal point of the business is its selection of “on tap”oils and vinegars. This unique feature encourages customers to taste the product before ever making a purchase.Oil & Vinegar taste test

With the helpful staff  placed to answer any question you may have, along with the welcoming atmosphere of the shop, Oil & Vinegar will have you craving another visit. The personal attention payed to each of the guests in the shop plays a  vital role in creating a memorable customer experience. The shop aims at compelling their guests to visit again and share their unique experience with friends.Oil & Vinegar Stock

Oil & Vinegar holds over 400 products mostly originating from the Mediterranean. These products include herb mixes, dressings, olives, sundried tomatoes, mustards, sauces, pestos, and pastas. You will also find an array of kitchen equipment and cookbooks that highlight the food culture on display.

Oil & Vinegar Wine

In 2012, Oil & Vinegar introduced a new interior design to the US market. The use of natural materials imported from Europe and arranging products and sampling points lead to an even bigger attraction. Each store will be designed with this new concept. We invite you to visit a new generation and experience it for yourself!