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The Wooden Spoon – Your Scandinavian Connection!

How did the Wooden Spoon get it’s name you ask? Well according to Gwen Workman Owner/Operator of the Wooden Spoon; “Scandinavian families had just enough utensils for their own use. When they went to feasts, events, celebrations, or were invited to another home, they took their own spoon with them. Usually, it was made of wood. Attached to the waist of the Lady’s dress was a “spoon bag”. This is where the Wooden Spoon was carried.” -Gwen

Gwen moved to the states in 1985 where she was troubled by the absence of any Scandinavian culture or products. She soon got a job as a leasing agent for an apartment complex, and began to see the quantity of foreigners moving to the states. That fall she attended the State Fair where she met and connected with the Norwegian Society of Texas. Realizing that she couldn’t be the only half Norwegian to move to Texas she decided to open her first shop in McKinney September of 1988. In 1989 she moved into a 280 SF shop in Plano. In 1992 Gwen decided she had outgrown the shop and decided to purchase the Forman House which is where the Wooden Spoon currently resides. Wooden Spoon Scandinavian House

The Wooden Spoon also doubles as the oldest house in Plano, TX. Over the next ten years Gwen would dedicate a majority of her time to repairing and remodeling the house. The job of maintaining the oldest house in Plano was no easy task for Gwen and is still a constant chore that must be prioritized to keep the house looking beautiful. Entrance Upstairs Scandinavian House

-Current Status

Gwen currently has three groups of customers. Native Scandinavians, people of Scandinavian decent, and people who have no Scandinavian blood but desire to learn about the culture and language. Gwen welcomes all groups of people to her place of business and encourages each individual to dive into the culture. She is currently in her 29th year of business and has made many connections throughout her career. These connections help to bring in customers and build relationships for repeat customers.

inside Scandinavian Shop

Furthermore Gwen is constantly on the quest for new products, she also enjoys holding sales, classes, and events. She likes to work with schools and clubs when they have international day or projects and has a large website with her products listed. “I host an annual Anniversary Party in September and a Stella Olson Cooky Party in December.” – Gwen