Local Yocal – Farm Fresh Products & Butcher

Local Yocal Supplies Farm To Market Freshness Centered Around Customer Needs!

It all started when Local Yocal owner/operator Matt Hamilton made a decision to ditch the corporate world and start a beef company. After starting Geniuses Beef Hamilton soon realized that processors around this area didn’t have the correct licensing for resale. The Processors that did obtain the appropriate licensing were backed up and very hard to work with. This is how Local Yocal came to be, a lack of farm fresh meats and a desire to serve customers! With the processing side of the operation now taking place in-house, Hamilton had confidence in the product he was selling.


Starting off at local farmers markets Hamilton met an array of families selling great products just like him. This inspired Hamilton to pursue the retail side of the business in order to house great products locally made by great people! You can the store front in Historic Downtown McKinney stocked with fresh meat and high-quality hand made products.

Fresh Meat On Display

Hamilton now sells a farm fresh meat out of the store front as well as to whole sale local restaurants in McKinney and the surrounding area. A few of these restaurants include Harvest, The Pub McKinney, Square Burger, and Al Biernat’s Steak House.


Hamilton has dedicated a great deal of time to establish relationships with each supplier he features in his store. When you walk into Local Yocal you can be sure that you’re receiving the best products in Dallas!

Tub Of Love - Dude, Sweet Chocolate

Dude, Sweet Chocolate – Dark Handcrafted Treats!

Dude, Sweet Chocolate Is A Dark Chocolate Manufacturer, Distributor, And Retailer Focusing On Handmade Chocolate Creations.

Their product is handcrafted to create the best combination of fudges, truffles, nuts, and chocolate bars! There are currently four Dude, Sweet Chocolate locations in the DFW area where you can directly purchase your favorite sweets. They also maintain sales relationships with dozens of local and out of state resellers such as Whole Foods, winery and distillery operations, P.F. Chang’s, and more.

DSC Toffee

Dude, Sweet Chocolate created at a dive bar south of downtown Dallas where Chef Katherine Clapner and Redding May were regulars. After Mr. May partnered with Ms. Clapner to send unique chocolates as gifts while working with Merrill Lynch, Clapner decided to run with the idea. Selling her chocolates in summer heat at farmers markets she had the idea of opening up a local store! December of 2008 the first store/kitchen opened its doors! “At Dude, Sweet Chocolate we strive to differentiate ourselves by maintaining intense focus on the quality of the culinary product itself, and not getting lost in the rest of the product design process. You will not find a single bow, ribbon, or shiny box in our stores. Kraft paper packaging, brown labeling, and simple, clean design shift attention to the chocolate, which stands on its own.” –Dude, Sweet Chocolate Team

Dude Sweet Chocolate - Chocolate Vinegar
Katherine takes pride in factoring in different flavor profiles that wouldn’t usually fit in at a chocolate shop. Flavors such as Albatross blue cheese, sea salt fudge, and pumpkin seed toffee are local favorites. These are the types of products that make Mr. Clapner’s shop stand out from the usual chocolate shop, and she seems to effortlessly blow expectations out of the water!


Dude, Sweet Chocolate also offers unique products for corporate gifting that will leave a lasting impression on your customers. Mix and match the award winning chocolates to create a gift that is hand made and different.



McKinney Wine Merchant – Historic Downtown

Collin County’s Most Inspired and Intrepid Selection of Wine!

It’s time to ditch the Franzia and get over to McKinney Wine Merchant! This locally owned and operated merchant is housing some of the most delicious and exotic wines McKinney has to offer. Andy Doyle, a former U.S. Marine, is the owner/operator and has over 25 years of experience in the wine industry. Opening the doors April 5, 2011, you will still find Andy behind the counter and available for questions if you choose to visit the local downtown shop! His desire to accommodate each and every customer far outshines the corporate mindset to sell the most expensive bottle. Andy will personally help you find the perfect pairing for any event, dinner, or day by the pool.



-About McKinney Wine Merchant

McKinney Wine Merchant carries about 200 wines from six continents. Prices range from $9.00 to $300. McKinney Wine Merchant will deliver wine in McKinney and the surrounding 2 miles. They also offer a Wine-of-the-Month Club for an affordable surprise 12 times per year (every month). The Wine Merchant does a great job of finding the hidden treasures whether it’s a $10 Chardonnay you fell in love with on your honeymoon, or a $100 Cabernet from a tiny vineyard that few have ever heard of. There are also a few beers and accessories available in the store as well.

“I’m dedicated to the preservation of serious winemaking, and the enjoyment of serious wine. You should make every effort to buy all of your wine at McKinney Wine Merchant, forever.” -Andy Doyle


Frios Gourmet Pops – Downtown McKinney

Frios Pops Makes Every Day a Good Day!
Fresh, frozen, fun best describes the gourmet pops served at Frios. Each pop is handmade with the freshest ingredients and sweetened with organic cane sugar. The team has established outstanding relationships with the farmers that supply them with the dairy and fruit used in the pops. This relationship ensures the utmost quality for every pop.
Frios Blueberry Cheesecake
Each popsicle is frozen to perfection with a fusion of different flavors that will burst in your mouth. There is currently one Frios in the Dallas area and they are located in the Historic Downtown of McKinney. They also cater events with a cart or a portable freezer for all of your outside activities with a large variety of flavors to choose from!
Frios Pops Portable
“The best part of our job is the reward of watching people smile as they enjoy our product. We’ve seen moms soothe their teething baby’s gums with a fresh strawberry pop; we’ve seen a teenage couple on their first date laughing and enjoying a pop in front of our store; we’ve been honored to be part of a newly married couple reception as the crowd toasts a life of happiness with a pop raised high. We’ve also enjoyed the company of a senior citizen who is instantly reminded of childhood summers after eating one of our muscadine pops.” – Frios Team
Frios CTC

outside book gallery

The Book Gallery – Vintage Bookstore

Old Fashioned Book Gallery in Downtown McKinney
The Book Gallery is celebrating its 19th year of business, located in Historical Downtown McKinney. The Book Gallery specializes in rare and antiquarian books. Walking in the front doors, you feel as if you have time traveled into the 1900’s.
Inside The Book Gallery
An old-fashioned radio plays from behind the checkout desk, where Jim Parker sits and reads his personal favorites. This bookstore brings back forgotten memories like a long lost picture suddenly appearing so vividly as you hold the once forgotten memory in the palm of your hands. Jim has been collecting book for over 40 years now! After retiring from the corporate world he decided to make it a full-time career!
This business decision also got him a few brownie points with his wife Dee, as he cleared out some room in the house. The once book-filled rooms have been emptied of their literature and have now been overrun by humans! As for Jim, He continues to spend his days helping customers find the long lost character they long to rediscover in that childhood book.

Jalin CrownRing

Jalin Jewelers – A Collin County Jewel

Jalin Jewelers offers full-service jewelry sales, repair, engravings, resizing, and custom design pieces!

You will not find this level of service anywhere else but Jalin. Opening its doors in 1991, original owner and operator James Romberger made a promise. Treat every customer the way he would want to be treated while going above expectations with quality products. To this day Jalin grasps on to this mission for the sake of tradition and the role it plays in their customer’s lives.

Jalin Watch & Bracelet

Tradition is a very important part of the jewelry industry as it represents places we have been or situations we have encountered just as jewelry does. In 2003 Jalin Jewelers was relocated from its original position on the corner of Park and Preston to Lakeside Market where it currently resides. After 23 years of business, Jim decided to retire in 2014 passing the business along to his son Todd Romberger. Todd is just as passionate about the family business as his father! Todd follows in his father’s footsteps ensuring quality products and exceptional customer service every time.

Jalin Jewelers Dimond

Since Todd has taken over the family business, Jalin has received the Readers Choice Winner For The Best Jeweler Store In Plano in 2015 and 2016. Jalin also recently celebrated its 25 anniversary in April of 2016! Through all of the recent success Jalin has experienced Todd and his team continue to serve the people of Plano. Jalin Jewelers will always be evolving but the vision will continue to stay the same. “Offering the personalized attention our customers deserve and have come to trust they will receive when shopping with us. It is our privilege to be highly trusted by our customers.” –Jalin Jewelers Team

2016 Jalin RCA2015 RCA


Holman Pottery Gallery – Functional Unique & Handmade

-Holman Pottery History

The Holman Pottery Gallery is an 1890 Queen Anne style Victorian cottage on a half acre in the Haggard Park Historic District near Historic Downtown Plano. The pottery found here is functional, unique, and made from white stoneware. Holman’s pottery is nonhazardous and can be used in the microwave, dishwasher, and oven. You will discover a wide-ranging gallery inside the home, with a variety of pottery, glass, iron, sculpture, jewelry, etc. from Holman as well as artists from all across the country. Each of these items is handmade and one of a kind.

Holman Pottery Vase

Artist/Potter Tony Holman, his wife Debbie, and their daughter Maggie, own and operate Holman Pottery. The family-owned studio and gallery opened in 1989. In July 1998, the Holman’s purchased the 1890 Victorian home to house their studio and gallery in which they currently operate today.

Clay Pitcher

-The creation process

Tony throws most of the pots on a potter’s wheel. Others are slab constructed and altered. When the pots become leather-hard (halfway between wet and dry) handles are added and each piece is signed. Upon becoming completely dry, the pottery is loaded into a gas kiln. These pots are then fired to a temperature of 1830 degrees Fahrenheit. Upon unloading the kiln, they are glazed and some are decorated with colored clays (slips) and oxides. They are then fired a second time to a temperature of 2336 degrees Fahrenheit. These extreme temperatures ensure the durability of the pottery.

Clay Pitcher

The shapes of Tony’s vessels are functional but can simply be decorative. He covers a wide range of colors and pattern through brushwork and sponged on design. Close attention is paid to the finishing touches of this pottery including the way the handles are attached and Tony’s unique way of completing the lids and rims. Because Holman Pottery is handcrafted, no two are exactly alike. Therefore, the variations of color, texture, and shape lend to the artistic nature of this pottery and should by no means be considered defective. Holman Pottery is sold and collected both nationally and internationally in specialty gift stores, museum stores, and galleries.

Pottery cup

Alligator Blue Belt

Little Belt Shop – Custom Handmade Texas Belts

Meet the team at Little Belt Shop that is taking care of belt and jewelry needs at Stonebriar Mall!

The Little Belt Shop started online in 2014 and officially opened in Frisco the summer of 2015. After opening a location in Frisco they decided to move to Plano in 2016. The location in Willow Bend Mall is the only Brick and Mortar store at this time.

Teju Lizard Belt

Teju Lizard Belt

-Whats In store

The Little Belt Shop does custom leather and silver work, offering 14 different types of leather. Of these different leather types, they customize the finish and specialty cuts like the thinner styles used for Hermes or Ferragamo buckles. Elbie the owner’s favorite leather is the elephant, “I was born and raised in South Africa and love that legal trade makes life difficult for poachers, if they don’t have a market they don’t leave those beautiful animals wounded and unable to defend themselves.” – Elbi Pretorius

Python Belt

Python Belt

Elbi personally loves working with gemstones, “Each is different, the color matrix can add so much character.” She works with a few mines who personally notify her when they come across large deposits of Druze Quarts with color variations, which is one of her favorites to work with.

Stingray Belt

Stingray Belt

The Little Belt Shop has the finest quality leather and exotic belts, custom cuts, color and sizing available in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Area. Their personal selection of Texas made custom leather belts are fitting for any occasion. Pick from any of the exotic leathers available:

Shark Belt

Shark Belt

Italian Calf, Python, Anaconda, Argentinian Teju Lizard, Caiman Crocodile, South African Ostrich, Bison, Suede, or American Alligator.

Little Belt Shop

Alligator Belt

Pair that with one a designer belt buckle and make an unforgettable impression. The quality of the leather is superior, and they guarantee each of their products with confidence. Their leather crafter has been in the trade for 40 years, each of the belts has a 10-15 year life if cared for.

The Rustic Birdhouse – Custom Made & Designed

Welcome Nature Into Your Backyard With A Hand Crafted Birdhouse!

Owner and Operator Richard Wiski recently launched his Birdhouse business on Etsy.com. “Etsy is a global creative commerce platform. We build markets, services and economic opportunity for creative entrepreneurs.” This online sales platform features a collaboration of over 1.8 million sellers and 27.9 million buyers! This site encourages innovators with unique products to sell their product from home using this e-commerce site!


As you can see in the picture above, Richard has 19 designs available for sale. Richard crafts every Birdhouse with weather-resistant cedar and a clear coat to protect them through each season.

Birdhouse Compilation


Blue Birdhouse Open Blue Birdhouse

Each of the Birdhouses have a side that opens for maintenance purposes. Easy access is very important! The main reason birds don’t return to a birdhouse is because they have access to another house free of nesting material. It takes less time to build a nest if the house is already clean.

Raise Roof Yellow Yellow Birdhouse

The above images above display Richard’s Birdfeeder! This feeder has a raisable roof in order to stock the house with bird seed!

Feedback From Past Customers:

“I love my bird houses. They look great behind my pool.”

“We love our bird house.. Perfect for our yard. Very well built!!”

“Received my birdhouse from The Rustic Birdhouse today and I LOVE it! They even added “how to instructions sheet”. I can tell the craftsmanship, attention to detail in this yellow rustic whimsical birdhouse, I definitely will be ordering again!”

A Word From The Artist

I am a Graphic Designer by trade, always looking at things and try to find ways to make them look better. I also have always loved figuring out how things worked. Building birdhouses and bird feeders for me is a combination of all the things I love to do – designing, building and making them work right.

Cutlery Collection Entry

Cutlery Collection – Full Service Knife Shop

For All Your Knife Needs Since 1979!

Cutlery Collection has been supplying the Dallas-Ft Worth area with a large selection of knives and cutlery accessories since 1979. Collection is known for quality knives, cutlery, scissors, and old fashioned service. This full service knife shop offers a great deal of experience in professional knife, scissor, and razor sharpening.

Cutlery Collection

Sharpening is an art, and the staff at Cutlery Collection are sharpening artisans. Old fashioned techniques insure sharpening of your fine cutlery that meets or exceeds manufacturer’s specifications. Their experience and knowledge is a irreplaceable resource available to collectors all over the County! With over 30 years experience, and guidance from factories in Germany and Japan, old school methods guarantee quality workmanship.

Cutlery Collection Knife Gathering

As of now Cutlery Collection will be adding new items to the photo gallery seen on their Facebook Page as they arrive. Prices include shipping and insurance in ConUS. Contact them for additional photographs and information at (469) 366-4496

Sharpening Prices:

Kitchen Knives – .40 per inch of blade

Daiyamonda Shiage – $0.90 per inch (For Japanese knives)

Pocket knives – $5.00

Scissors – $4.00

Hair shear -$5.00 & up

Fixed blade – $5.00 & up