The Rustic Birdhouse – Custom Made & Designed

Welcome Nature Into Your Backyard With A Hand Crafted Birdhouse!

Owner and Operator Richard Wiski recently launched his Birdhouse business on “Etsy is a global creative commerce platform. We build markets, services and economic opportunity for creative entrepreneurs.” This online sales platform features a collaboration of over 1.8 million sellers and 27.9 million buyers! This site encourages innovators with unique products to sell their product from home using this e-commerce site!


As you can see in the picture above, Richard has 19 designs available for sale. Richard crafts every Birdhouse with weather-resistant cedar and a clear coat to protect them through each season.

Birdhouse Compilation


Blue Birdhouse Open Blue Birdhouse

Each of the Birdhouses have a side that opens for maintenance purposes. Easy access is very important! The main reason birds don’t return to a birdhouse is because they have access to another house free of nesting material. It takes less time to build a nest if the house is already clean.

Raise Roof Yellow Yellow Birdhouse

The above images above display Richard’s Birdfeeder! This feeder has a raisable roof in order to stock the house with bird seed!

Feedback From Past Customers:

“I love my bird houses. They look great behind my pool.”

“We love our bird house.. Perfect for our yard. Very well built!!”

“Received my birdhouse from The Rustic Birdhouse today and I LOVE it! They even added “how to instructions sheet”. I can tell the craftsmanship, attention to detail in this yellow rustic whimsical birdhouse, I definitely will be ordering again!”

A Word From The Artist

I am a Graphic Designer by trade, always looking at things and try to find ways to make them look better. I also have always loved figuring out how things worked. Building birdhouses and bird feeders for me is a combination of all the things I love to do – designing, building and making them work right.