Nine-Band Brewing Company – Texas Inspired Brewery In Allen, TX

Nine-Band Brewing Company Owner Keith Ashley

Keith Ashley is the single owner of Nine-Band Brewing Company. Before starting the brewing company, Keith served in the Military, on the McKinney Fire Department, as a Flight Nurse, and as a Wylie Police Officer. This is a man who has risked his life for Collin County and now he is personally investing in this community with his business. Nine-Band currently employs four full-time employees, and six part-time employees to run the taproom and special events. Nine-Band offers tours of the brewery and the brewing process every Saturday at 12:00, 1:00, and 2:00. You don’t need to make reservations just show up a few minutes before your desired tour time with $15 in hand. The tour includes a pint glass and samples of the products through out the tour. Tourists are encouraged to stick around the taproom after the tour and sip on a few brews. The brewery’s taproom hours are:
Monday – Thursday: 5-9
Friday: 5-11
Saturday: 12-4

Keith Ashley

Nine-Band Brewing Company History

After retiring from the police force Keith decided to pursue his interest in the brewing business. Of course one of the most important aspects of a great brewing company is a catchy name. The “Nine-Band” name comes from the Nine Banded Armadillo. If you are not familiar with Texas history, the Armadillo is the state small mammal. Keith didn’t want your stereotypical “YEE-HAW” Texas name to represent his beer, but rather a true representation of who we Texans are. Furthermore, Keith went on to name every single beer that he and his team brew after something in Texas! The Brewery was established in 2013 and started brewing in late 2014. Nine-Band opened its doors February of 2015 with three beers (Nine-Band Pale Ale, Cactus Cat Kolsch, and Toad Choker Barley Wine) for its grand opening! The team gradually started expanding, adding 4 more 60 barrel fermenters, 7 more beers, and expanding all over the state of Texas.

Nine Band History

Nine-Band Brewing Company Today

Today Nine-Band Brewing Company is distributed through Ben E. Keith in the Dallas area, and Favorite Brands in the Austin, Houston, San Antonio area, and Quality Beverage in Oklahoma. After recently signing an agreement with Osage Casinos, the new endeavor will serve Nine-Band beer inside Osage Casinos! They currently can and keg their products depending on the beer/season. The Nine-Band Pale Ale, Cactus Cat Kolsch, and The Badge Honey Blonde are canned year round. The canned seasonals consist of the June Bug Summer Wheat, Ghost Cow Oktoberfest, and 28th State Stout. They do not can their Hoop Snake Hefeweizen, Toad Choker Barley Wine, Blue Lacy Brown Ale, or Hellwind IPA but rather only serve it off the tap.


Nine-Band Brewing Company Beers

The Nine-Band Brewmaster, Ian, has 15+ years of brewing experience. He is very tedious in his recipes and cleaning when it comes to the brewhouse. At the moment, he has 10 different styles that he brews throughout the year. All but one of the styles are ales. The only lager that we make at Nine Band is the Ghost Cow Oktoberfest. As stated before, all of our beers have a meaning behind the name that relates to Texas. The following is a list of the beers available and the meaning behind their name:

Nine Band Pale Ale – It’s our flagship beer that carries the Nine Banded
Armadillo on the label.

Pale Ale

Cactus Cat Kolsch – A legendary car with hair-like thorns used to prick cactus and release the juices. It would then let the juice ferment and come back to drink the juice. It would then shriek throughout the night on a drunken tangent. Haha.

Cactus Cat

Hoop Snake Hefeweizen – A legendary snake that would bite its own tail to roll away from predators or to chase its prey.

Hoop Hefeweizen

Blue Lacy Brown Ale – Blue Lacy is the state dog of Texas.

Toad Choker Barley Wine – A toad choker is a bad storm that floods the grounds enough to “choke a toad”. We get a lot of those here!

Toad Choker

June Bug Summer Wheat – You already know how bad these are in the spring/summer.

June Bug

28th State Stout – Texas was the 28th State to join the USA.

Ghost Cow Oktoberfest – The old myth/tale of driving down a dark country road and swerving off into the grass because you saw a cow in the road. You pull over, look behind you, and nothing is there. It must’ve been a GHOST COW!!!!!

Nine Band Brewing Ghost Cow

The Badge Honey Blonde – This beer was made nearly and dearly to Keith and his previous life as a service man to this country and the people of this state. Being in the fire, ems, police, and military; he wanted to give back. The Badge stands for the badge that these service men and women hold to protect and serve the citizens of the United States.

Nine Band Brewing Badge Honey Blond